Dawn DeVries Sokol


New and Busy

This blog has suffered. It’s been a victim of neglect. I haven’t been paying much attention to it lately, mostly because I have two class blogs I’ve been working on keeping up. Doodle Camp was a success! We had 107 campers this year and a lot of them seemed pretty darn happy!

Right now, we are in the first week of Journal by Design, my e-course that teaches print design basics to art journalers. Lots of goodness going on there! I had a great conference call Tuesday that I am bursting to share with you more about in the next couple of months. I have to wait until I get the green light before I can say anything, but it is GREAT!

And a couple days ago, I got an advance copy of my next book, The Doodle Circle: A Fill-in Journal for BFFs to Share! I am SO excited about this one! It was fun to do and I am so pleased with the outcome!!!