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THINK Before You E-mail

Last night, before getting into bed, I got this email:

I have a question,  I am starting a art journaling class at my local community center.  I have a problem,  all my art journals and my mixed media art work is in storage and I can't get at it.  What I am asking for is a urgent call to get some art journaling samples.  These gladly can be signed piece and after being used as a sample / example at the class I'm offering.  will go into my personal collection.  Can you help and if so can you mail me these samples?  And another question can you send this on to others that would be willing to help?
Thank you for considering this

Excuse me, WHAT????

My first thought was, Did I just read that correctly?? My second thought was, Am I that tired? My third thought was, Damn, that's funny and this chick has some cojones!

You not only want me to send you MY art journal pages, but you want to use them as SAMPLES for a class YOU’RE teaching, and then I don’t even get them back?

How about: Um, a-no!

First of all, if you are going to teach a class, have the supplies, have the examples, know what you’re teaching, and teach it YOURSELF. This is an all new level of low. Honestly. I see other artists (ALL the time) taking what they’ve learned from someone and teaching it to others. Now, hear me out: it’s one thing to teach techniques you’ve learned from someone else by taking them and presenting them with your OWN twist, adding a sense of YOU, making them YOURS. That’s OK. But there’s a lot of repetition out there, peeps basically taking—verbatim—classes they’ve taken from someone else and teaching them to others. Now, peeps are asking others to SUPPLY them with materials to teach their classes? Isn’t that called a franchise? I think Bob Ross’ enterprise has something like that.

Emailer: You might want to look into THAT. As for me, NO.

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