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A Special Announcement

I’ve gone back and forth over whether to have a new holiday art journal workshop this year. Usually, I try to freshen up the material from previous years with new prompts, videos, techniques, etc. But with all that’s going on right now—the next doodle book, licensing stuff, etc.—I just don’t have time to work up a new online workshop right now. So 12.31 won’t run as usual BECAUSE...

It’s gonna be FREE to all this year!

Yes, I am going to run the workshop here on D’Blogala, with the prompts and videos from last year and we will have a FREE workshop to anyone who wants to follow along.

Workshop starts Dec. 2 and runs through Jan. 1. Get your journal ready: either buy a journal good for mixed media, such as the Strathmore Mixed Media journal that I like to use, or you can build a journal from inexpensive supplies like in my free online How to Make a Blank Art Journal Workshop on Creativebug.com!

You don't have to sign up anywhere. Just come here every Tuesday and Friday Dec. 2 through Jan. 1 and there will be prompts, videos, and easy technique ideas. I will post a supply list beforehand, but you shouldn't have to buy anything to make this work for you...


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