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A New Day

I’m REALLY going to try to update my blog more now that I’ve moved to the new Squarespace platform. It feels like a new start...

I want to also bring back some old features I used to do on D’Blogala, like maybe “10-Minute Journaling” or “Mosaic Monday”. I’m not sure. All I know is I need to breathe some fresh life into this blog.

Several of you have asked if we will be having Doodle Camp this year. Since I’m teaching a four-week course on Creativebug starting Aug. 5, Doodle Camp will be moved to the fall and will become Doodle School or something like that. We had our best registration EVER last year for Doodle Camp and I love the week-long format and the enthusiasm of it all!

I have a few pieces I’ve been working on lately. I will be opening a small shop of my art here on this site soon. Stay tuned for details!


The piece above is called “Love Yourself” (7.75 in. x 9.75 in.). It was painted in gouache and will be finished with a beeswax layer. I want to start doing more smaller pieces like this as they are easier to get prints of and also easier to ship. I love painting larger panels but I need to find a way to shoot them so I can make prints of them as well.

I am working on the piece below right now:

The size is 12 inches x 5.5 inches. There’s about a half inch on the right that didn’t fit on the scanner.  It’s also gouache.

I’ve also been drawing more faces...One in my journal:

And in the Faces Sketchbook:

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