Dawn DeVries Sokol


Just For Me...

I'm in a creative rut. I need to clean out my studio some more and purge. And Creativebug is coming next week to shoot my instructor trailer. So I need some time to get stuff straightened out in my studio and in my head. I want to set some new goals and push in new directions. I also want to experiment in the next month to solidify my style more.

This all means I'm getting off social media for a while. Could be a week or two or longer. I will still try to blog but I need to go back to blogging for me.

I need to clear out whatever is blocking me and rethink and re-energize. The only way I can truly do this is to take a social media break.

Of course, I am teaching a course soon on Creativebug, so you will likely see updates on that. But I will be pulling away from the internet to some degree.

Thanks for understanding!

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