Dawn DeVries Sokol


It’s for YOU

Got this message via Facebook from someone who is taking my art journaling class on Creativebug. (The class is forever access so you can join at any time!)

...So i've arrived at the art journaling party a bit late in life...58 to be honest. i've made art all my life, write kid's books, and want to art journal now. it seems fun. it seems creative. but i am a curious person by nature and an organized (read, obsessive) one the older i get. i hate clutter. i've vowed not to have anything in my home that is not useful, and/or pretty. i have tossed out until the goodwill throws open the doors when they see my truck coming. i don't want to re-clutter. so the question i pose for you...why art journal? do you sell what you make? (i am also terribly frugal) i'm taking your course on creativebug right now and i'm your newest big fan, but what do you DO with all those journals? what will become of them? please explain art journaling to me because i really want to do it, i'm just afraid there is no real point to it...that's the problem i have with painting canvases too...what do i do with them? if i make jewelry, or handstitch on clothes, i wear them or sell them. if i make a pot, i use it or sell it. but what am i to do with an art journal...help!! thank you so kindly for your patience with such a difficult fan....

My response:

I kind of address this in the trailer for the workshop. Art journaling is for YOU. No one else. I used to think I had to create things that would be “useful” or serve a purpose. But creating art is really just for the joy of it. It’s not to make money, it’s not to gain a huge following or be “known”. It’s for YOU. And the art journal is the epitome of that. It’s for experimenting, documenting, observing...I used to think: what was the point of an art journal if you just close it and put it on a shelf? But that’s WHY I art journal. It’s the reason that I started art journaling. I realized that creativity has to be a mode of self-expression. If you do it for any other major intent, it loses the magic. When you create without putting your heart into it, it won’t be you and it won’t be worthwhile. And if you’re afraid of what others will think of your creations, the art journal is a PERFECT place to play! You can close it, put it away, and no one else has to see it. It’s a great place to let go.

Thanks for your message and I hope this helps!