Dawn DeVries Sokol


Remember: NO Rules!

Got this interesting email over the holidays...

Hi :)  I have been art journaling since 2012 and recently grabbed your "Art Doodle Love" book.  It is supremely interesting to me as it offers structure, something I'd ignored while creating in my blank books.

I tend to be very analytical (a problem I'm always battling), and can't help but be caught up on where you asked us to date our entries.  Most of us return to WIPs to finish on another day, and our feelings are different than the day we began the piece.  I am curious if we are supposed to date it when we begin the piece, or once we have completed it?  Please let me know!

My response:

There is no right or wrong to art journaling. You could date it when you finish the page. Or write something and date that. I have some pages with many dates on them. I usually date the entries I've written.

Remember, the hardest part about art journaling is letting go. You have to, though, in order to enjoy it. I know it's overwhelming at first and the lack of "rules" can add to that feeling. But it's what YOU make of it. So just do what you feel is right for you.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!