Dawn DeVries Sokol


NaNoJouMo Day 1

Today we start NaNoJouMo!!!

I want you to remember that this is a “do what you can” sort of deal.

NaNoJouMo isn’t about creating a whole page a day. It’s about ART JOURNALING every day. There’s a huge difference. Even if you just draw a line in your journal one day, that’s art journaling. I don’t care about quantity as much as the actual practice of art journaling. That’s what this event is all about—opening your art journal every day and doing SOMETHING. Write a word, paint some pages, collage, ANYTHING. Your practice that day doesn’t even have to have anything to do with the word I present. There are NO rules in art journaling, therefore there are NO rules with NaNoJouMo.

Each prompt is designed for you to pull from it whatever works for you, whatever occurs to you, whatever you see it to mean. The prompts aren’t riddles. Some are commands. Some are just visual tidbits from my journals. There are some quotes. And some of my fave songs. A little bit of everything.

Also, please do not use the prompt images on other websites. If you would like to link to these posts on your blog or social media, that’s great! Thanks!

This month I will not only feature NaNoJouMo here but I am giving away FOUR copies of my new book, Year of the Doodle!!! Every week through November, I will announce the giveaway on Tuesday and you will need to leave a comment on THAT POST to be entered. I will announce the winner on Friday. Remember, if you leave your comment on other days, you will not be entered in the giveaway. Only those who leave a comment on Tuesday's post will be eligible. Thanks!

Have fun. And journal on!

Today’s prompt:

Oh, and make sure to use #nanojoumo2015 when posting on social media. Would love to see what you're doing on Instagram and Twitter! We have a Facebook group where you can post your results, if you'd like to join. Go here.