Dawn DeVries Sokol


NaNoJouMo Day 2

Today's prompt is above.

I’m thrilled at the response to NaNoJouMo! But I do want to address one concern I have:

A couple of you have posted your own self challenges, such as doing a page a day in a certain amount of time. I want to make sure that all of you know that this is about what works for you. Please do not feel intimidated or pushed to work a certain way because others are. The real purpose of NaNoJouMo is about just getting in your journal every day, no matter how much time it is and no matter what you do. It’s not about doing a full page, it’s not about achieving anything specific. I’m stoked that some of you have seen something more in NaNoJouMo for yourselves. That’s great! But I just want to remind newbies and those of you who may feel a bit overwhelmed that this is about the love of art journaling....there are no rules, no PRESSURE, just fun. It’s easy to get bogged down in what others are doing. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, AND YOU ALONE. I want you to enjoy this journey!

*Stepping down off my soapbox now*