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Just one of the spreads of Jessica’s work in A World of Artist Journal Pages.

Just one of the spreads of Jessica’s work in A World of Artist Journal Pages.

Today, the A World of Artist Journal Pages Q&A features Jessica Herman Goodson of Boulder, Colorado.

What mediums did you use on the pages you submitted or what mediums do you primarily use?

I typically use a combination of acrylic paint, collage paper, rubber stamps, pens and markers in my journal pages. When I am primarily sketching on site, I rely more on watercolor than acrylic, with the addition of pencil, pen and marker.

What do you do when you're blocked?

Ideas flow easily for me and I tend to have more ideas than time to implement them. However, some days I feel less like creating than others. In these cases I allow myself to do other necessary work like scanning art, printing photos, blogging, etc. When I do want to create but feel myself resisting, I find that tidying my studio, and looking through my stuff gets me going. Sketching is meditative and fun for me, and once I start drawing, I can't stop. These are all ways that I get my hand to the page.

What artists do you look to for inspiration?

Sabrina Ward Harrison and Dan Eldon were probably my first and biggest introductions into the world of visual journaling. Their combination of photography, painting, lettering and mark making combined with the memoiristic nature of their books still inspire me today. Juliana Coles is a mentor and friend whose honesty and raw journaling presence inspires, challenges, and pushes my own work forward. All my artist friends inspire me each time they put their heart to the page and then are generous enough to share it. 

What would you tell someone who's trying to get into art journaling or creating but doesn't know where to start?

I say to just begin. Everyone is creative in my mind, and books are meant to be filled with our stories and experiments. It is easy to be intimidated by the blank page, to procrastinate and say "I'll get to it sometime", but now really is the best time. I have done some of my best work when I was the most unsure, fragile and vulnerable. Visual journaling is a gift that allows for self expression, playful experimentation, and healing that we all deserve to embrace. 

What do you do to get over the blank page syndrome?

I just dive in to get over the fear of the blank page. I will do journal writing and then paint over it as a background. Other times I start with a little collage or a painted background. When I am purely sketching, I just accept that my hand and mind need to warm up and that I may not love my first sketch, but that they will get better as I go on. 

How did you first start art journaling or using a sketchbook?

I have always drawn and painted and had sketchbooks for that purpose. I kept them in college while studying graphic design. After college, when my creative world existed primarily on a computer screen, I felt a longing for the tactile. I deeply missed creating by hand. That is when visual journaling entered my life. My books started out with watercolor washes, sketches and writing and have evolved into mixed media artworks full of lettering, drawing, painting and personal exploration.