Dawn DeVries Sokol


August Daily Challenge

Today is the start of my August Daily Challenge: 31 Art Journal Prompts on Creativebug! We are going to have so much fun. Each day introduces a prompt, and you will get to see me interpret it. These prompts are open-ended, so you can use them in your journals however you want. You may see or think of something different in the prompt.

The beauty of this challenge is to not do a page a DAY, but just getting in the journal every day. This way, there's no pressure. It's just about opening that journal and creating. Even if you just draw a line and then feel done, that's OK. It's NOT about “finishing” something, JUST GETTING IN THE JOURNAL EVERY DAY, so you can develop a daily habit of journaling! You can show your work via social media with #cbdrawaday.

Get on over right now to Creativebug.com to sign up! It’s never too late to start!!!!!

Class description:

Join professional doodler, Dawn DeVries Sokol, for a month of art journaling inspiration. Every day for 31 days, Dawn provides prompts to get you making art that is fun, intuitive and totally you. Learn how to create backgrounds, respond to prompts, and add embellishments, lettering and collage along the way. Stay loose and respond to whatever strikes you in the moment without the pressure of having to create a “finished” piece of art.
Learn how to:
Let go of artistic expectations
Respond to creative prompts
Paint journal backgrounds to build upon
Create mixed media art journal pages